It’s freaking cold out there.  It’s freaking cold in here, too.

For background, I live in a basement apartment, the front half of my apartment is underground, and the back of my apartment sits flush, so I have a slider door and a patio.  It’s nice, and it keeps me sheltered from a lot of weather woes.  The only trouble I have is the occasional draft around my slider, not really anything I can even complain about, that’s how insignificant it is.  I don’t have to pay for heat or hot water, it’s included in my rent, and my stove is an old-fashioned gas stove, so if the power goes out I can still cook.  It’s a pretty sweet setup in the winter.

The polar vortex is so bad that my parents have called to make sure I am okay.

I am a knitter surrounded by wool, I have unlimited heat, hot water, and cooking gas, a fridge full of food, and the cable is on.

I’m fine.

Freezing, but fine.

I finished a turban and some makeshift mitts.  It’s too cold to wear them tomorrow – tomorrow I will need a full wool hat and mittens – but otherwise the set will be perfect for Delaware winters.  Rav Link.


Easy Mitts


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