I just finished reading Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman.  I liked it, but not as much as other books written by her.  It was a wandering book that covered hundreds of years, with loneliness and self-preservation running a strong theme.  I didn’t feel great after reading it; there’s no grand resolution.  The book could go on and on, generation after generation, but I guess it has to end sometime.

Driving was hairy this morning.  I hate driving in bad weather in Delaware.  Everyone with 4 wheel drive was blasting down the road, as if that will stop them from losing control on the considerable ice sheets that had formed in the night.  I was in that crappy rental car, and as I was turning into the office a HUGE pickup truck slammed on the gas and tried to pull past me, losing control.  As I stared out my window at the tire that was level with my face, I sensed a bit of my own mortality and regretted not buying the additional rental insurance.  All’s well that end’s well, though, as the truck managed to regain control and slow down a bit so the little cars could make their way through easier.

My car is back home!  At first, no one at the body shop had reported to work because of the weather, so the front office called me and asked would I mind picking my car up on Monday?  Sure, why not?  Saves me from having to drive too much in the weather.  Then, a couple hours later, they called back.  A couple shop guys showed up, and my car was all finished and ready for me!  I left work a little early, returned the thorn in my side rental car, and picked up my beauty!  My car is in great shape!  It looks brand new, inside and out.  The shop made perfect repairs, washed and waxed it, and detailed the interior a bit!  They got out most of the silly putty Stephen ground into the upholstery last summer!  They are heroes!  I love them!  I may have to use Yelp! for the first time in my life to brag about a company!

My plans this weekend include reading, knitting, taking pictures of old knitting projects that I never uploaded to Ravelry, and just chilling out in general.  Single digit temps tonight and Saturday, but Sunday it will be all the way to 40F!  Say what?!  I may go out for church and Zumba, no promises.


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