I’m home with a frozen pizza tonight, thinking about the snow falling outside and wondering how heinous my drive to work will be tomorrow.  I know people who grew up in the frozen tundra, who can drive across an ice rink and never lose control.  I am not that person.  I’m in a crappy rental car that I may be returning tomorrow if my car is done at the shop, and I am not happy about having to drive in bad weather in a car that I am not familiar with.

When discussing weather at work I always say, “It’s not going to amount to anything.  The weathermen are filthy liars.  They want you to think it’s the worst storm ever so you will keep watching their channel.”  I’m not that person who looks at the highest possible accumulation and says that’s what’s going to happen.  Or immediately says they aren’t coming to work just because of something that may or may not be happening the next day.  I’d rather tough it out and save my vacation days for the summer.  Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by all these Nervous Nellies that just make me more and more nervous, so I have to be the dissenting voice…even if I may be totally wrong.  Someone has to be a Pollyanna, right?

Do I just internalize this nervousness more than others?  Are they able to keep going on and on about things like massive snowfall and taking their lives in their hands to drive 5 miles to work (someone really said this at work today), but then once they are home they can turn it off?  When I am around people like that I get more and more worked up and nervous.  Like I can’t even stand myself I’m so anxious.


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