Purple Haze

When I was a smoker, I always said there was nothing worse than having a cigarette and no way to light it.  It is much the same with coffee and coffee filters.  Lucky for me, what I thought was one mangled, almost-unusable coffee filter was actually TWO mangled coffee filters, so I was saved until I could get to the dollar store for a new stack.

The natural foods store that I frequent had a gift fair today, so I got my mom a new recipe book, two handmade soaps, and local blackberry jam.  My niece is getting a tube of perfume and two bars of organic fair trade chocolate, and I got myself a sweet and spicy sugar mix that is perfect for topping homemade breads or rolls.

I got some fresh veggies and snacks, and Stephen got a comic from the comic shop next door.

A good day, but I felt really dopey for about an hour after shopping.  I almost forgot to grab my coffee filters.  I swear sometimes all the incense and herbal influence of that shop opens the third eye and puts me in a very different state of mind.  I love it, but it can be difficult when I am trying to take care of a sick kid at the same time.  Maybe I’m just catching his cold.

Almost done with Christmas shopping, only presents for the two youngest cousins left…and one and a half sleeves left on Stephen’s sweater.


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