Every character needs an out.  You have to give the character a way out of the story in case the story doesn’t work for the character anymore.  You might rely on a single line, stated 300 pages back, and the reader says, Oh yeah, now I understand that line.  You can’t just kill them all off.

Tonight I’m watching the Phils on tv.  I’m drinking a beer.  I have the patio door open, and I am (gasp) smoking a cigarette.  Don’t worry, I don’t have any little lungs around, and I’m properly ventilating.

I feel like my ex husband should be sitting in the blue chair.  I miss having someone to high five when they completely destroy an inning with three home runs in a row.

I don’t miss my ex husband.

I’m not sad that he’s not here.

I love this life I have crafted for myself, but sometimes I think there should be another voice in this house.


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