Every character needs an out.  You have to give the character a way out of the story in case the story doesn’t work for the character anymore.  You might rely on a single line, stated 300 pages back, and the reader says, Oh yeah, now I understand that line.  You can’t just kill them all off.

Tonight I’m watching the Phils on tv.  I’m drinking a beer.  I have the patio door open, and I am (gasp) smoking a cigarette.  Don’t worry, I don’t have any little lungs around, and I’m properly ventilating.

I feel like my ex husband should be sitting in the blue chair.  I miss having someone to high five when they completely destroy an inning with three home runs in a row.

I don’t miss my ex husband.

I’m not sad that he’s not here.

I love this life I have crafted for myself, but sometimes I think there should be another voice in this house.


Already Behind

I’m already 2 poems behind on my goal of a poem a day, so let’s redefine the goal.  Let’s reach for 30 poems within the month of April.  Let’s call it necessary flexibility.

Poem A Day 1 of 30

That house is haunted.

That house is (not) haunted I am haunted.

I am haunted everytime we drive by that house

And I have to hear the story.

The woman was burned alive

Who was a member of the volunteer fire company

And had no smoke detectors.

I am haunted by this story because

I feel this pit smaller than a cherry sitting in my gut

And it whispers to me You are missing a smoke detector and everyone will say

where am I missing a smoke detector?

But she was (This) or (That)

what if I don’t hear the sirens telling me to get the fuck out?

And how could she, knowing all that she knew about (This) or (That),

Get burned alive by it?