Tonight I went to a viewing for a friend’s dad. He passed away from cancer earlier this week, and my friend has been on my mind all week long. My dad and I are tight; we could talk on the phone every single day and sometimes we do. If I go too many days without a phone call, it’s all I can think about until we can get in touch. I wonder, what happens when my dad passes? I know it would take about two or three days before I would start jonesing for that phone call, and then what? Shit, I’m a real downer tonight.

Speaking of happiness and joy, I started taking 5-HTP. I heard it can enhance mood and level out mood swings. I’m not shy about my battles with depression, and sometimes I start to feel a bit blue, so I do everything I can to keep things even stevens. I don’t know what to expect from this supplement, but it would be nice to go a few months without wondering if I will be having trouble or not. We’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted.

This weekend is all about taking it easy for me. I plan on doing my housekeeping as early Saturday morning as possible without waking my neighbors to the sound of the vacuum cleaner, then I’m going to knit, read, watch TV, and hopefully see some friends, too.


One comment on “Bill.

  1. juliebie says:

    I lost my dad in 1998. I still think about him all the time. I hope it is a loooong time before you have to deal with that. Enjoy the time you have with him, though. As much as possible.

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