Keep it in your heart.

It does occur to me that many families don’t lay in bed together singing “Jingle Bells” a couple of weeks after Christmas has ended, but my family isn’t wired like other families. It’s just me and my homey, keeping it all together and getting through one day at a time.

I did grow up in a crowded house, with two older brothers and an older sister, assorted cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and occasional girlfriends and boyfriends all hanging out in my parents three-bedroom saltbox at any given time. We were, and still are, a weird and wonderful bunch. We like fun music, comedies that make us belly laugh, big family get-togethers, and so many people in one room you have to holler to be heard. We love art and music, and if we can have them both happening in the same place it’s a double win. It’s wild and awesome. We often say we prefer fun over comfort any day of the week. I have these amazing memories of growing up in this non-traditional way, and I wonder if I am doing my part to make Stephen as weird as I can. I don’t mean that I want my kid to be a weirdo, I mean I want him to have funny memories, odd traditions, and mostly I want him to know that no matter where he goes or what he does with your life, he can always come home for a good time.

Let the madness ensue, and let us always have fun.


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