Smells like Pine Sol

My OCD is kicking in hardcore today. I have emptied my kitchen, scrubbed All The Things, installed new shelf liner, run all my dishes through the dishwasher (yes, even the clean ones), put everything back, then cleaned the rest of the house with ferver. I do love a clean house, but when I get like this it can be hard to exist. I cleaned for seven straight hours, stopping only twice, once for lunch and once just to sit the hell down for a couple minutes.

The thing is, my place isn’t even dirty. I barely have dust. I guess I just can’t help but behave like this when I get stressed out. I know that some people might say that there are worse things than cleaning under stress, but this isn’t like straightening a bookshelf. This is real-deal, balls to the wall OCD. It does go hand in hand with my depression, as just Thursday night I ate an entire pizza, laid on the couch, and cried for about two hours. Why? IDK. This is just how it happens around here sometimes.

Now though, in the soft glow of my living room lamps, I feel good. I feel like I have some sense of control, even if it is over something like my kitchen.

How do you handle stress?


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