Read. Read ALL the information!

I’m knitting some socks.  They’re a beautiful mix of bold colors and earthy tones.  I found a great pattern that accents the color changes and knits along so quickly.  I can see myself wearing these socks with my off-white hi-top chucks on the plane to New Orleans to visit my quirky and fun friends that will appreciate sock nonsense.  They will think I am fabulous.

Here’s the problem:  I could fit 3 feet into this one sock.  I thought size 3 needles would be too big.  I thought as I made it past the cuff that it seemed a bit large.  I wondered whose foot on this planet needed a heel flap of such large proportions, and were they single?

I almost pulled out the sock.  I almost gave it up and got out my trusty US 2 dpn’s to cast on a simple, boring sock.

So I checked the Rav link for the pattern to see if anyone else had such problems.  Nope.  They are all wearing their socks.  A few opted for a smaller needle, but the ones that were knit with US 3 look just fine.  I’m going to go with it.  Am I in denial, or just hopeful?


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