Tie match.

It’s December 31, and my favorite day of the year.  I’m sitting in bed this morning with a cup of hot black coffee, watching English Premier League on ESPN2.  It’s Man U and Blackpool, no Arsenal, and more’s the pity.  English football is an interest I acquired in 2011, having never been a big fan of US soccer.  In 2011 I also learned about Neil Gaiman, and am I ever happy about that.  I can really sink my fangs into his stuff.  (Blackpool just scored again, 0-2)  In 2011 I lost a lot of weight, rounding out my total weight loss (so far) to almost 45 pounds.  My knees don’t hurt and I haven’t had lower back pain in over a year.  In 2011 I signed final papers for child custody arrangements for my little Dude.  Time is the only answer to see how that decision pans out.  (Man U just made their presence known, 1-2) In 2011 I found my voice in my poetry, but my writing still moves at a snail’s pace.  Despite my ridiculously slow progress, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment in finally finding my writing style.  Only took 33 years.

Today is a day of anticipation.  Knowing you can cast aside the dirty bits of last year, hang on the the good bits and spend the new year polishing them ’til they gleam, taking on new projects and resolving to finish the old ones – well, it just makes me feel so…full.  It makes me feel full of something, not sure what, but most days I walk around feeling a distinct hole in my spirit, and on December 31, I don’t feel that way.

My favorite day of the year.

(Man U for the tie, 2-2)


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