How’s it Going?

It is KILLING ME to not add more movies to my queue.  I don’t know how I am going to last a whole year.  Why am I doing this to myself?  Am I some sort of crazy masochist?  It hasn’t even been 24 hours, for cryin’ out loud.

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.  I think I may go shopping today to offset the pain.

Here’s my plan.  I think I’ll share everything I watch with you.  I’ll provide the title, genre, how many stars I rate it, and two sentences about the movie or show.  I will keep you up to date on TV shows I watch, but you won’t get a breakdown of it until I’ve watched every episode.  Unless there’s a really good episode that needs to be talked about.  Here’s what I did yesterday.  Don’t judge me.

Fish Without a Bicycle, comedy, 1/5 stars.  This was just awful.  There is nothing original to be found here.

Vampire Journals, horror, 1/5 stars.  The only thing scary about this movie is that I actually snorted from laughing so hard.  It’s actually pretty awesome in its campiness.

Raising Hope, TV show, S.1 E. 1-4

Coupling (U.K.), TV show, S.1 E. 3,4

Men Behaving Badly (U.K.), TV show, S.2 E.4

Yes – I watched all of this, and no, I have no regrets.  I had nothing else going on and I needed to have a day that just involved me, a cozy blanket, and my laptop.


Completely Out of Control

I sorted my Netflix instant queue yesterday afternoon.  Sorting by genre makes me feel like I am exerting some sort of control in an out of control world, like I have some power in my life and how I spend my afternoons on a paid holiday from work.  Never mind that it could be better spent helping the homeless, going for a walk in the glorious autumn weather, or writing that novel I keep talking about.  We all have our moments of glory, and my Netflix queue is mine.

Anyway, I have 333 films and shows in my queue, ranging from children’s films about Joseph to horror movies about bloody serial killers.  I feel this will be the year.  I’m going to watch them all.  I’m not going to add any films to my instant queue, I’m just going to watch what I have.  I wonder, is it possible to do this in one year?  I think I’ll give myself some wiggle room.  Instead of starting in January I’ll start right now, giving myself almost two extra months.

Did I ever give you an update on how I’ve been doing with reducing my stuff?  Well, it’s going great.  Things feel lighter, and I really enjoy buying something because I actually need it, not because I feel some borderline hoarder instinct to Have and Buy because I may Need It Later.  It feels good to trust that I will have the means to get what I need when I need it, and it’s helped me to better understand the difference between a need and a want.  Also, I joined Nerd Wars on Ravelry so I am using up lots of yarn and getting Christmas knitting done.  It’s a great feeling.