Too much stuff.

I live in a pretty small space, all things considered.  Sure, it’s a three bedroom split level in No. Wilmington, but I share the majority of the space with my housemate and my son.  I only really have my bedroom for all my stuff.  Lately I’ve been thinking about some things that I would like to have.  New shorts, new tops for the summer, sandals, you get the idea.  But the problem is, where would I put it?  I already have trouble fitting everything into my dresser and my closet.  You know, I use two dresser drawers for stuff.  Extra cosmetics, soap, lotion, etc.  These are drawers I could be using for clothes.  I already keep my everyday cosmetics and hair goop on the dresser top anyway.  My closet has two full totes in it.  One is full of clothes.  I don’t know what clothes. Isn’t that crazy?  One is full of stuff…soaps, lotions, shampoos, band-aids…sensing a theme here?  I don’t know what is in my pantry.  I keep piling new stuff on the old and then forgetting what’s underneath. 

I need to get rid of some stuff.  My first plan of attack is to stop buying food until the food in my pantry is eaten.  Obvious exceptions will include milk, bread, fruit…things for the Dude’s lunchbox.  There’s no need for him to suffer if my experiment gets too weird.  Also, I am willing to replace an everyday item when it runs out, like seltzer water and salad.  I do think dinners will get interesting, though.  I’m kind of excited to try this out.

Saturday was a test run for the food.  I made a box of rotini and sauce, and we ate salad.  Next day we finished off the salad, and I layered the pasta and sauce with cheese in the sauce pan and baked it.  So, salad was eaten, rotini gone, sauce gone, most of the cheese gone.  This may just work out.

Next is clothes.  Anything in a 2x, size 16 or bigger, or irreparably stained or torn goes bye-bye, or is upcycled by yours truly.

Then yarn.  No yarn buying.  At all.  All yarn must be knit.  So saith I.

I’m not sure where this is going to lead me, but I have a feeling I will be so much happier once it’s done.  Some things will clear out quickly, like the food, while others will take a long time, like the yarn.  I have so much yarn.  Also, it will be a challenge to get the old sewing machine out and learn how to upgrade, resize, and repair my clothes.  I’m looking forward to that part.  I hope to keep you guys informed and post pics, but you know how I am with this blog.  I’ll do my best, I promise!


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