What have YOU been up to?

I can’t believe I’m almost done with the second semester of grad school.  I know I have a little time to get some ideas together about the future, but I have been tossing some things around.  I’m thinking of going for a job at the uni sooner than expected.  Perhaps get a start in admissions or student affairs.  Something to consider.  I also need to decide if I am going to focus my thesis on women’s studies or something else.  It may be a good idea for me to make an appointment with my advisor over winter semester to get more firmly grounded.

The Dude and I have had some great trips this fall, going to the Nanticoke Indian Pow-Wow, Linvilla Orchards, and a fun holiday festival in Millsboro where he got to make caramel apples, paint a pumpkin, and decorate a cupcake.

Knitting continues.  I’m making the Citron shawl from Knitty, a pair of generic socky-wockies, and a sweater for The Dude.  I’ve decided to do a self-imposed sock club this year, like the Yarn Harlot did last year.  IF I manage to stick to plan, I should have a pair of sock club socks on the needles each month, along with a travel pair of socks, and a big, focused project.  ROFLMAO.

I still don’t know how I feel about dating.  I decided that I should have 14 months off until I started seeing people again, and so far I think I’ve made the right decision, but damn, it’s lonely.  Every time I think I’m ready, though, another shoe falls in the breaking down of our marriage and family unit.  I’m beginning to wonder how many shoes my X owns.  I get so far along in The Process, then WHAM!  I find something out about him, something devastating, and I’m right back to anger.  When does it stop?  Should I be grateful that I am going through a trial by fire?  Does this mean that if I’m being forced to tackle the ugly stuff now that it will make me stronger in the long run?  Because right now I’m just bitter, sad, and angry at the idea of love in general.  And that basically takes me right out of the dating sphere.  And the vicious cycle continues.


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