And, it’s hot again.

We had a little rain yesterday.  And the day before.  And the day before.  This is what happens when the land dries up and then you get 4 inches in 4 hours.

I gave blood today.  It is one of the things I do with my time that I think is truly valuable.  I know that doing volunteer work in the community is important, but there is something about giving a piece of me to someone else that needs it that is so special.  I do think I got O-Negative blood on purpose.  It’s the universal donor, so anyone that needs blood can have mine.  It’s also in very high demand, so I get called in every 8 weeks on the nose.  I cannot stress enough the importance of joining your local Blood Bank and giving your blood.  It’s fine and good to write a check, but nothing beats giving a pint of healthy blood to someone who will surely die without it.  Go.  Join.  Do what you can.  It doesn’t hurt, and a little discomfort is nothing to the pain of a family losing someone they love because they needed blood.

I also took the time to join the bone marrow donor registry, for the same reasons I give blood.  It makes no sense that I have this great immune system and strong bones and blood and don’t share those advantages with others.  If you decide to donate blood and you get hooked on it like me, this may be your next step. 

And always, always make sure your license has you down as an organ donor.  It’s important.

Lots of fun scheduled for this weekend, hope to update with tons of pictures and stories!


Better one, better two?

I think my contacts are a little too weak.  I had been wearing my old glasses (as in, seven years old), and when I finally reached the point of no return I knew I had to get an exam and some new contacts.  Have you ever reached the point of no return with your glasses?  For me, it was holding the arm to the frame with a manipulated paper clip.  Dangerous and an odd fashion choice. 

So, my new eye doctor was having a little trouble getting my prescription down.  “Better one or better two?”  “One.”  “Hmmm.”  What?  Did I give the wrong answer?  Why do you keep asking me?  I don’t know!  It was easier to get accepted into the Master’s program at the university than pass this eye exam!  Besides, he was undeniably hot, and of course I kept looking to see if he had on a ring.

I know, the divorce isn’t final yet.  Don’t worry, I’m not playing the field, it’s just a basic curiosity.

I tried to have a divorce blog for a while, hence my absence here, but it just wasn’t working out.  I would have great photos, nice yarn and knitting, new recipes, and funny stories about my new living situation that just didn’t fit there.  So here I am, back to my old ways with occasional divorce chatter thrown in.  I hope it can all work together, and I hope my readers come back to see me.