There’s a lot I could show you.

I could show you pictures of the birthday boy devouring a chocolate cake, decorated like Thomas the Tank Engine.  (By the way, now he sings “Happy Birthday to You!” all day long.  I don’t have the heart to tell him that you only get one birthday a year.)

I could show you the 20 pounds of tomatoes that were given to us by a friend.

I could show you my current knitting and spinning projects.  I have a real problem here.  I have a sweater to block, 4 ozs of merino to spin, a baby jacket, and two pairs of socks.  And that’s only the upper strata of my cast-on fever.  There is lots to accomplish.  I keep hoping that I will enter a “completion phase” in my knitting soon. 

The reason I cannot show you any of this is because my good computer is, once again, defunct.  The old computer doesn’t read my memory card and I cannot find the cord to the camera.  (Why do I keep calling this piece of crap the good computer?  Because it cost about a grand more than the old computer, that’s why.)

Anyway, this weekend I’ll be canning tomatoes at 4 in the morning so we don’t die from the heat, knitting a baby jacket, and finishing as much of the socks as possible.  Hopefully by the time I enter the next layer in my works in progress I’ll be able to post some pics.


2 comments on “There’s a lot I could show you.

  1. Tim says:

    Greetings, I have been blog dead this summer. It is nice to see you here and on facebook. I am doing well, but my camera took a dive this summer and I feel lost without it . . . Have to scrape and save for a new one . . . Have a great day. Peace

  2. Tim says:

    hey where are you ? ? ? I have not seen you in like forever . . . Peace

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