Tardy to the Party.

I have about 4,500 messages in my inbox.  That’s not an exaggeration.  It’s a real number.

I don’t know what’s going on with Facebook, Ravelry, or my friends’ blogs.

I’ve been cut off. 

My goal is to get up a little earlier every day and get down to the computer in the morning, because I can’t seem to get here after work.  I’m going to catch up on e-mails a little at a time, I’m going to blog at least once a week, and I’m really going to get back to my Bravo buddies on Ravelry. 

See you soon!


So bad at math it hurts.

I know 16 ozs is one pound.  I am aware of measurements and weights.  Sometimes, though, my math just lets me down.

As I mentioned on Friday, I am spinning 4-4 0z projects for the Tour de Fleece.  I am NOT spinning two pounds of fiber.  I am only spinning one pound of fiber.  It is rather sad that I didn’t realize my error until Sunday morning when my father asked me how close I was to my goal.  Sigh.

I have spun and plied 2 ozs of my goal.  I have spun an additional ounce into a singles (yes, it’s supposed to end in an “s,” just don’t ask me why), and I have spun about another 1/2 ounce into a singles.  Once that ounce is done, then I will ply those two ounces and I will have 4 ounces done!  I am hoping to get all that done this evening, because I did not spin at all on Monday.  Also, my computer is fixed and I can post pictures!  Soon, soon!

I went to the dentist on Monday, for the first time in seven years.  No, really, seven years.  No bad math there, just a serious dentist phobia.  The last time I went I was told I had three cavities in this one tooth near the back, so instead of getting fillings, I decided to never go back and hope the problem would just disappear.  Smart, right?  Shockingly, it wasn’t that tooth that finally drove me back into the arms of my dental hygenist.  It was a strange black discoloration around my bottom front teeth.  Freaked my shit out completely.  I figured I had waited too long and now I was going to lose all those teeth, end up with a partial plate, and a little glass of Efferdent on my bedside table.  I went to a different dentist, mostly from shame, but also because I knew I was going to need a really good hygenist to get me through this cleaning.  My BFF Barb gave me her dentist info, and they were amazing!  It took an hour and fifteen minutes to get my teeth cleaned, but when they were done they looked brand new.  They told me the discoloration was tartar, and that’s what happens when you’re a big baby and don’t get your teeth cleaned.  Oh, and the cavities?  I DON’T HAVE ANY.  For reals.  Now, listen, I did pray to God and Jesus to heal my gums so I didn’t have to live my life with false teeth, do you think that could have done it?  Or maybe the other dentist is a big fat fraud?  You decide.

Getting Ready.

The weekend approaches.  As I sit here at my desk, listening to His High Holiness Joe Cocker, I keep wracking my brain for things that I must be forgetting to do. 

Fishbowl?  Check.

Laundry?  Check.

Fiber selection for Tour de Fleece?  Check

What’s that, you ask?  Well, it’s only the most prominent international spinning competition out there.  The idea is to spin during the Tour de France.  You’re supposed to set your goals, prepare the fiber, and when the race starts, spin, spin, spin!  I have decided to spin a 4 oz braid from Yarn Love, a 4 oz braid from Into the Whirled, a 4 oz braid from Crown Mountain Farms, and a 4 oz sampler pack of Wensleydale, for a grand total of 16 ozs of fiber.  Yup, two pounds.

Now, listen.  I am aware that it typically takes me a year or more to spin 4 oz, but I’m gonna do it this time!  I’m serious!  It’s gonna get done!

My computer is all kinds of screwed up, so we’re using the old one.  It doesn’t have a slot for my camera’s memory card, and I can’t find my camera cord, but I will find a way to get some pictures on here, promise!

Have a happy 4th!  I will be at the beach with my family!