Just so you know.

I have almost finished my current sweater, Mr. Greenjeans.  I have 4 pattern repeats on the left sleeve, 2 pattern repeats on the right sleeve, and a button band.

I have to knit Monkey socks for my friend Jen, who gave me a swift.

I am in a race to finish the Hey Teach sweater before my friend Barb.

I am participating in a knit-along for the Annette sweater in the most recent issue of Knitty.

What am I thinking?


2 comments on “Just so you know.

  1. Barb Plummer says:

    That you are the best knitter ever and can handle all those projects! Don’t you dare race with me! I will loose and then I will pout! Besides I think I am taking a side bar to knit a felted bowl for my sister’s birthday. I leave on 6/25 so I better get hopping! I still have 25 rows left on Barb Sr’s shawl. Don’t panic. It will be our summer projects…oooo then we can wrap them and exchange them for Xmas gifts to each other! I know I have no brain cells left from the other day! LOL

  2. Susan says:

    You are thinking that one project is fun, so lots of projects must be lots of fun!! At least, that’s what I’m *always* thinking!!

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