Back to the Beach.




Thought it might make some of you happy that I actually am not dead, I am alive and (pretty) well.  Blogging had to take a sidebar to my life for awhile, but I am back and I do have things to say.

Thing #1:  Sock Summit is not the end-all, be-all of the knitting world.  People are getting all bent out of shape and pissy because they didn’t get the class they wanted, they didn’t get to register because the server crashed, they are more important than the other 30k people that tried to register that ill-fated day.  It’s just socks.  Relax.  Take a chill pill.  B Complex is my favorite, though you may enjoy something with a little more tooth, Prozac or Xanax perhaps.

Thing #2:  I am sewing.  A lot.  There will be big, exciting news on that front soon-hopefully by the end of this coming weekend.  All I will say is, Do you feel your credit cards buzzing?  That’s because they are psychic.

Thing #3:  I never did do much with Facebook before, but I am now officially in love with it.  I have found some really old friends and it is an awesome way to keep in touch with my sister.

How are things for you?  Are you enjoying the summer yet?  We had the finest weekend ever and I spent it indoors, sewing.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to get all that stuff done at night so I can spend my weekends outdoors.


3 comments on “Back to the Beach.

  1. Barb Plummer says:

    Yeah your back! I have missed your blog page. I glad you have become a fan of the B-complex..lovely little legal pill in the afternoon. Almost better than that afternoon martini! I can’t wait to see the new projects. Maybe if I watch I will learn? I have a great sewing machine and have never used it! I need a little porch time just us. The famliy drama unbelieveable!

  2. Barb Plummer says:

    PS…..I too love Facebook!

  3. Tim says:

    I am gald you are back as well. Look me up on facebook. Peace

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