Baby Surprise Jacket


Baby Surprise Jacket, Knitting Workshop, Elizabeth Zimmermann

Needles: US6

Yarn: Bernat Baby Jacquards, Boo Berries

This was super easy, but you really MUST blindly follow the instructions.  I also used Dawn Adcock’s Row Counter.  Super helpful.  Once you are complete, you end up with a tragic looking blob, then Hey, Presto! you have a sweater.  A couple quick seams, and it is done!  Again, as with all my baby sweaters, I skipped the buttonholes.  I just don’t trust chewing little babies with buttons.

The blob:


And, for your viewing pleasure, my little guy in his Easter best:



2 comments on “Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. Tim says:

    NO Way. Your boy is growing up so fast. He looks awesome. did you read my blog – Things lost and things found. Peace

  2. Barb says:

    He looks great! I love his Easter garb!

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