Jumping in with both feet.

The report from the doctor was not so good.  He has recommended that I have an ultrasound to see my aorta because of my brother’s history, but was mostly concerned about my grandmother, who has had congestive heart failure and a pacemaker.  He found that my blood pressure was elevated, something that I’ve never had trouble with, and asked about my sleeping habits.  I explained that they’re terrible right now, but I’m really stressed out.  I have a lot going on right now, and I also have a very high pressure job.  Well.  He basically said I can decide to keep my high stress job and lose weight, but I can’t have both.  He explained that doctors know that stress causes trauma to the body, but they don’t know why or how to fix it.  Basically, if I continue on this path I may have heart failure by the time I’m 50, and they won’t be able to fix me.

My bff Barb (who doesn’t have a blog but should), lost a lot of weight, so I asked her and my blogger friend Aunt Kathy what they thought about different weight loss schemes out there, and I think I’ve decided on South Beach.  It’s a pretty low carb, good fat diet that I think can work with what I usually cook for the family anyway.  I started today, and I will have to keep it up for approximately four and a half months to reach the heaviest my doctor wants me to be, then we will figure it out from there.  The only problem I’m really having?  Coffee.  It needs cream, sugar, and caffeine, and I have to cut all that out.  Ah, well, all in good time, right?


2 comments on “Jumping in with both feet.

  1. Tim says:

    I trust you are well. My doctor said I have to loose weight as well. Hey by the way did I guess what you found correctly? I will be praying for you as you embark on this journey. Peace

  2. AK says:

    I am off of caffeine haven’t had any since October last year, no soda either. Even diet is not good for you.

    Start weaning off the coffee by mixing half reg and 1/2 decaf and then make it more de-caf then reg as you go before you know it you’ll be decaf all the way.

    Cream and sugar that might be harder, FF evaporated milk the stiff in the can, is pretty thick like cream but better that might work, check out the label.

    Ideally though just stop coffee all together and then no worries right?

    Have you started yet.

    My best advice… make a list of the MUST have foods on hand to stay successful and then add in the extras you might need for the rest of the family.

    I am here anytime, OK?

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