New cabinets today! New cabinets today!

I can’t even focus on my lunch right now because I keep thinking about my new kitchen cabinets!  New!  Today!  I am getting all new cabinets today!

The sink cabinets are going to be 8 inches longer, the cabinets above the sink are going to be 12 inches longer, the cabinets around and above the stove are going to be the same size as before, but now they will actually match the cabinets around the sink!  We had such ghetto apartment cabinets I was embarrassed whenever people came over.  No matter how hard I cleaned them they still showed the wear and tear of so many different owners.  But now!  New!  Cabinets!  For!  Me!

This means pizza tonight and chinese tomorrow, all eaten off paper plates with plastic forks, but I’ll make it up to hubby on Sunday with homemade chicken and dumplings.  Want to come over and see my new cabinets?  I’ll make enough for everyone, just RSVP! 

YAY!  New!  Cabinets!


3 comments on “New cabinets today! New cabinets today!

  1. Big Alice says:

    Yay, new cabinets! Congratulations!

  2. Nell says:

    Nice!!!! Congrats!

  3. gimpykatk says:

    I’ll come over to see new cabinets and for some dumplings. what time is dinner, and will you b watching NASCAR and the OSCARS???

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