Happy V D!

Of course, I mean Valentine’s Day, you sick minds, you.

I am here, I am well, I am still struggling with some of the issues I wrote about earlier, but I get by with a little help from my friends.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and advice.  I love the Internet for all kinds of reasons.  WebMD, Ravelry, and all kinds of free recipes and knitting patterns, but mostly I love it because I am able to meet like-minded people that I can rap with and get strength and wisdom from.

I took the baby to the doctor yesterday.  He is very tall, not as heavy as I thought, and in great health.  He did have to get a polio shot and a Hepatitis A shot which has left him a little cranky and feverish.  The biggest issue we are dealing with is eczema, and if that is the worst of it, I am one lucky lady.  He has a pretty severe case, it wraps all around his shoulder and is down his belly and back.  We are going to meet with a doctor at AI DuPont children’s hospital, but this guy apparently is so famous we probably won’t get in there until April.  In the meantime, I am supposed to wash him in Cetaphil soap and lotion only, no deviations, no baby shampoo, nada.  Okay, but have you seen the price on this stuff?  Even at Wally World the lotion is like twelve dollars!  So I got Basis soap, which is about a dollar-fifty cheaper, and Wal-Mart makes an Equate brand of the lotion at half price!  (Wipes sweat off brow.)  I have always had eczema, but nothing like what the baby has, and my mother has psoriasis, so we will have to keep a good eye on this and how it progresses.

I am totally a country mouse, but I am so grateful that I relocated to the city.  Our pediatrician was just ranked in the top ten doctors in the state of Delaware, and we are only a ten minute drive to one of the finest children’s hospitals in the country.  It’s a little creepy how it got to be such a good hospital (go ahead and look up the DuPonts and interbreeding, I’ll wait), but the fact remains that the baby will always get the best care available.  I also count my blessings everyday that I am able to have a job that gives up such good insurance, I can book this appointment with this specialist and not have to bat an eye.  I know how many parents can’t do that, so praise God I can.

The doctor is looking into my brother’s heart defect as well, to see if we need to get the baby tested for it.  He has already said that I need to be tested right away, but he wants to research the genetic factors involved before he puts the baby through that.  It’s not complicated, it is only an ultrasound of the chest, but you still don’t want to do that to little kids unless you have to.  It makes me feel really guilty about lighting up a smoke as I type this.  I know, I know, I quit about three months ago or more, but I have been falling back into the habit.  I’ll take care of it, promise.

So that’s all for now, but that’s enough, isn’t it?  Oh I almost forgot, the baby is potty-training himself.  Seriously.  I’ve never heard of anything like it, but he knows when he needs to go and he grabs my hand and pulls me to the bathroom.  Don’t hate me, I know exactly how lucky I am.

Have a great love day, I hope you are cuddling with someone you love, and if not, you can always watch a Jack Nicholson movie.


One comment on “Happy V D!

  1. gimpykatk says:

    Potty training without struggle??? AWESOME. My grandson 4 1/2 is better but still would rather go in a pull up then on the potty, frustrating for me.

    Happy VD Day to you too, lol

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