The NaBloPoMo topic of the month is “change.”  I don’t like change.  At all.  I enjoy the status quot, scheduling my life to the 15 minute increment, and ensuring there are little to no surprises.  I plan menus a week or two in advance and stick to them.  I know exactly where I’m going to be every second of every day. 

There are drawbacks to this; however, and the biggest one is how incredibly boring my life is.  There’s a reason I know where I’m going to be: it’s because I’m either at work or home!  All the time!  Hooray!  My exciting life.  Do we need change to be exciting?  Should we even pursue exciting?  Maybe it’s better to be a little boring, maybe there’s some security there that we crave.  I don’t think that’s bad…I mean, we should enjoy our life, and if that means being a homebody then so be it. 

I think the only time we run into trouble is when we endure the bad just so we can keep the good.  Should a woman stay with a man who hits her just because he makes her laugh?  Should a man stay at a job that gives him ulcers just because he can afford a better car?  ( I almost typed cat in there…that would have been so funny.)  When does change go beyond desirable and become necessary?


3 comments on “Change.

  1. gimpykatk says:

    I recently was forced with a major decision that would change my life forever. It was the scariest and darkest time of my life so far.

    I think I’d rather talk about change like quarters and dimes and pennies, LOL

  2. Tim Stotler says:

    Greetings, I like change, but I do not like it. I know that does not make sense. The change is difficult and scary at times, but most the time I learn and grow through it. I am in the toughest part of my life ever, and it is so difficult at times. It seems as though I may not make it, but I go to bed each night, and wake up refreshed in the morning. I made it, and I am going to make it. I am looking with hope into this new year, not just because a day has passed and we chang the last number in the year on our checks. I have a hopeful eye on the future. I am prayin for you today. Have a blessed day. Peace

  3. Barb Plummer says:

    I kinda like change sometimes. Don’t get me wrong you know I have fought change. But it breaks up the ho hum of everyday life. I like to plan, to know where I will be and what I will be doing but doing that makes life go by too fast. When you throw a little change in the mix things get exciting.

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