My motherboard is a mother******!

I’m posting away from home today.  The computer started acting a little funny and then just stopped.  We let a computer geek friend of ours take a look and the motherboard is shot, so there’s another $300 out the window.  It’s a real letdown because K-hubby has decided to go back to school, and we need to save up about a grand before summer session so we can pay for at least 2 semesters, using that time to save up for the next 2.  It’s all doable, like I said in my last post we are coming onto much better times than before, it just feels like something is always getting thrown at us!  Anyway, no picture for awhile because I can only do that at home, but I’ll still be posting as time permits, and as soon as everything is repaired I’ll just do a picture only post to get you all caught up on holiday decorations and the remarkable growth of K-baby.

Did I mention the last time he went to the doctor he was 3 feet tall and weighed 27 pounds?  That puts him in the 90th percentile for weight of other babies his age and puts him at the height of a 27-month-old.  A week later, the outfit he wore to the doctor didn’t fit him, so he had another growth spurt after that.  It really is phenomenal, and I’m not trying to be a stage mother, but it seems like the kid was built for athletics, so it will be really exciting to see what kinds of sports he enjoys as he gets older.

Christmas is almost here, and I am proud to say that all I have left is two and a half socks and two hats.  I actually mailed out Christmas cards this year and I plan on making peppermint bark and homemade jelly for the family.  I have been away from home for about 12 years now if you count college and I just felt like an adult this year when I put stamps on the Christmas cards and mailed them out.  When did you finally feel like a grown-up, or are you still waiting for that moment?


One comment on “My motherboard is a mother******!

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Hmm when did I feel like a grown up? Good question, lol. Sorry about that motherboard. God has a plan. Trust Him… when it is finally revealed you will be blessed by what He has done in your lives. {{{HUGS}}}

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