The real deal.

Resolutions, 2009.

  • Blog on the NaBloPoMo monthly theme every Tuesday.  (Why Tuesday?  Why not?)
  • Participate in NaBloPoMo this November by writing a post every. single. day.
  • Write one poem every week.
  • Submit 10 poems for publication.
  • Pay off my charge card.
  • Eat a fruit and a vegetable and drink a glass of milk every day.  (Yes, my eating habits are that bad.)

That’s it, I think.  That’s enough, isn’t it?  It’s all about personal growth this year, nothing superficial like lose 10 pounds or get a new haircut.  I want to stretch myself this year, take some chances, risk rejection, maybe even have a few victories.  There is so much ahead this year.  I am so excited to get it started. 

Everyone have a safe night!  No drinking and driving!  Have fun and I’ll see ya next year!


Simple resolutions.

Knitting resolutions:

Learn Magic Loop and make one pair of socks using this method.
Finish Mr. Greenjeans.
Finish Tree Jacket.
Have a Christmas list ready to go by July, and all gifts knitted and blocked by Thanksgiving.
Make Knitbaby two sweaters.
Finish all baby sweaters for the preggos on my team. (Hopefully this streak will come to an end soon!)

So that’s it for that. Knitting wise, all can easily be accomplished over the course of the year, with some fun stuff thrown in the mix. Bigger resolutions to come.

The End of the Year.

Around this time of the year I always get to thinking about resolutions.  It’s easy to say, “This year I will…,” but how often do we meet those standards?  Do we just keep the same resolutions year after year, never meeting them, or do they fall out of vogue and get thrown by the wayside?  Why do we make resolutions, anyway?

I know I will have a resolutions list, but I don’t know what direction I’m going to go in.  I know there are so many things that I want to do in my life, and we never know how much time we have left.  With that thought, shouldn’t my resolutions be things that make my life and the lives of others’ richer and more meaningful, or am I putting too much weight on a silly tradition? 

What direction do I want my life to go this year?  How can I make the most of it?

Adios for now…

Well, I’ll be home all weekend, so I won’t have a chance to blog.  Just figured I’d wish you all a great weekend! 

BTW, did you know it’s only six days to Christmas morn?  HAhahahah!!!  There doesn’t seem much chance of my knitting getting done in that time frame, but I am so close I’m gonna give one last great push and see what happens!  I’ll let you know!

My motherboard is a mother******!

I’m posting away from home today.  The computer started acting a little funny and then just stopped.  We let a computer geek friend of ours take a look and the motherboard is shot, so there’s another $300 out the window.  It’s a real letdown because K-hubby has decided to go back to school, and we need to save up about a grand before summer session so we can pay for at least 2 semesters, using that time to save up for the next 2.  It’s all doable, like I said in my last post we are coming onto much better times than before, it just feels like something is always getting thrown at us!  Anyway, no picture for awhile because I can only do that at home, but I’ll still be posting as time permits, and as soon as everything is repaired I’ll just do a picture only post to get you all caught up on holiday decorations and the remarkable growth of K-baby.

Did I mention the last time he went to the doctor he was 3 feet tall and weighed 27 pounds?  That puts him in the 90th percentile for weight of other babies his age and puts him at the height of a 27-month-old.  A week later, the outfit he wore to the doctor didn’t fit him, so he had another growth spurt after that.  It really is phenomenal, and I’m not trying to be a stage mother, but it seems like the kid was built for athletics, so it will be really exciting to see what kinds of sports he enjoys as he gets older.

Christmas is almost here, and I am proud to say that all I have left is two and a half socks and two hats.  I actually mailed out Christmas cards this year and I plan on making peppermint bark and homemade jelly for the family.  I have been away from home for about 12 years now if you count college and I just felt like an adult this year when I put stamps on the Christmas cards and mailed them out.  When did you finally feel like a grown-up, or are you still waiting for that moment?

Getting closer…

We are so close to the end of 2008 I can taste it.  This year was so hard on us, so hard on a lot of people I know.  Friends facing foreclosures, auto repos, credit card delinquency.  It seems like we are going to pull out of this, and I can’t think of any other reason than God putting his arms around us and carrying us through the toughest year I think we have ever had to face as a married couple.

On December 31, 2007 K-hubby was laid off from his job, and sat at home for four months trying to find a way to get back into the workforce, get through his depression, and start making his way again.  I feel for any person that has gone through this because he was not the man I married.  He was a shell of himself, wandering around the house like a ghost.  We had to take money out of his retirement, and it still wasn’t enough.  He finally started working again, but it was second shift all the way in South Philly.  I never saw him and it was starting to feel like I was raising K-baby on my own.  When the stove broke, I had to find a way to fix it.  When Cocoa passed away (Cocoa was my cat.  Told you it was a bad year), I had to grieve alone, and try not to wake the baby.  We fought a flea infestation like I have never seen before.  Bills fell further and further behind. 

Still, there were small miracles.  When I recieved a repo notice for my truck, K-hubby got an extra paycheck.  When it seemed like our cards were going to charge off, he got a better job, close to home, with all the overtime he wanted to work.  When I thought my truck was going to run out of gas and the small car broke down, the gas prices dropped.  When I knew we couldn’t make rent and buy groceries, our landlord let us pay the rent in two checks, broken up through the month.  K-baby didn’t get sick.  Not once.  There were no extra medical bills, besides the stitches and prescriptions that come along with having a heavy equipment mechanic for a husband.  When I decided our marriage was over, hubby woke up and is still trying to get back to the man he was.

I guess I need to post this today because things have been getting a little weird around the house.  I am terrified that I will open the bank account and it will be overdraft, K-hubby has been really moody, and we are just at each others’ throats right now.  I couldn’t figure out why until K-hubby pointed out that we were coming up on the one-year anniversary of our lives being permanently changed, and our Puritan hardworking values being torn down and the hard work that it has taken to build them back up.  We lived so many years figuring that if we worked hard and we were honest and direct that we would be the last ones standing.  This year has proven to us that there is no such comfort, but it has also shown us that we can still power through the hard times, wallow in shit and come out smelling like a rose.

Tuesdays are usually for spinning.

Unless you get a virus.

And I don’t mean in the belly.

While I was away for the weekend visiting my brother (more on that later), Knithubby was playing around on the internets and wham!  Windows started flying open, nothing would stay, just flicker on and off…my quick thinking hubby grabbed the main power cord and off it went, but the damage was done.  The virus got into our Windows program, so the start bar would bounce on and off, icons would randomly disappear, and I couldn’t make it better.  I called Gateway, who informed me that my one-year limited warranty was expired, but they could help me for the low, low price of $59.95 for 30 minutes.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I don’t think so.  Monday night I tried to manually find and extract the virus, getting only 2 hours of sleep and having no success.  Last night I updated my anti-virus program, ran a sweep, found FOUR virus threads with 174 traces throughout, put the offenders in quarantine, and did a little google-fu to find a way to get rid of the interloper.  I found that MS Windows OneCare offers a 90 day free trial, so I installed the program (with broadband it only takes about 15-20 minutes), and let it do its thang.  In 5 minutes I was virus-free.  No lie.  I was so happy, I celebrated by going straight to bed.  I didn’t even correct the awful, awful Kitchener job I did on a pair of Christmas socks while at knit night on Monday.  That can be taken care of tonight.  Also, no spinning, but I have a new spindle on its way to me, so I imagine I will be spending a disproportionate amount of time this weekend making sweet spindley love to it.  (TMI?  Not to my spinning friends, it’s not!)

I have been working diligently on my Christmas knitting, but I must confess that my list is ever-changing and developing in response to my psychological needs.  For instance, Baby K was supposed to get a new sweater, but he will likely get a hat now.  My mother was going to get the February Lady sweater, which was downgraded to the Friday scarf, but will now likely be a pair of mittens, but in fair-isle, to give it that added value we all so desperately crave in our Christmas gifts.  I don’t know why we as knitters worry so much about the added value, most of our recipients’ don’t know the difference either way.  I mean, will my 6 year old niece understand the difference between a fair-isle or cabled tam versus a bulky weight wool cap?  Not likely, she is a good egg and will love it and wear it either way, but I know.  I know I didn’t do the absolute most of my knitting ability on this cap.  So what?  I still took the time to knit her a gift, right?  It’s just not the same, and don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.

R had his open-heart surgery on Tuesday last week.  Everything went so well, even the doctors were amazed.  They said the aneurysm in the valve they replaced was so swollen that the valve was paper-thin.  It was a flat out miracle that he hadn’t already dropped dead.  That is the sort of medical anomaly that amazes me, I mean, somehow his heart held on long enough to get a replacement.  And the replacement valve itself!  It’s artificial, so it’s supposed to live for, like, 40 or 50 years!  Amazing!  He was sitting in his recliner on Sunday and I could hear it ticking (sounds like a wristwatch).  Amazing!  One of my buddies on Ravelry sent me a pattern for a knitted heart, and if I have time I am going to make it for him for Christmas…scratch that.  I AM making him one for Christmas.  Top of my list.  If anyone deserves added value this year, it’s him.