Ohhh, so many pictures!

Well, awhile back one of my favorite blog writers, Rachael at Yarn-a-Go-Go lost her dear mother.  I was so upset by this because there are so many aspects of her life that I identify with, and I just couldn’t put myself in her shoes.  I mean, what a loss, but she handled everything so gracefully and wrote about her mother with such kindness.  So, what’s a knitter to do but send out mass emails and get some squares together?

Love Blanket

The verdict is, she loves it.  I am so glad!

I also have kept myself pretty busy with Christmas knitting, with a little time for spinning…

CMF Merino/Tencel
I think it is Crown Mountain Farms, but I must confess I have lost the band!  It is Merino/Tencel, and so shiny!  I got it at Rhinebeck 2006, and most of it was used for my first spinning, so this is only about 70 yards…what can I do with that?  Anyone?

CMF Merino/Tencel

I also have this going on…

Gale's Art BFL

This is BFL by Gale’s Art in “Festival,” picked up at MDSW 2008.  I really like this fiber, the colors are true, and I think the plying is going to make one awesome sock yarn…so much fun!

Here’s a few more pics, just for fun!


Did you ever make tents when it was rainy outside?  Knitbaby seems to love it!


Getting dragged around the kitchen by Daddy is the best!


Some fun at the park!  We have a GREAT park!


Have a great day, everyone!


3 comments on “Ohhh, so many pictures!

  1. Estella says:

    Thank you for all your hard work on Rachel’s blanket…it is wonderful!

    Yes, we used to make tents on rainy days – actually my sister and I made one every Saturday morning and would lie in it and watch cartoons! Cute pics.

  2. Nell says:

    Thanks again for putting this together. It was such a great idea.

  3. Tim says:

    O my goodness, your son is getting so big. I am prayin for you all, have a wonderful holiday. Peace

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