Can we please do something about all these holidays?

What does your family do for Halloween?  I know some folks who consider it Samhain, and don’t celebrate the traditional route of costumes and candy, but rather acknowledge and give thanks for the harvest.  I know some folks that are fiercely evangelical Christian that won’t even consider it a special day.  I also know a lot of people that do the costumes, decorate the house, hand out candy, and really get into it.  One of my best friends has a pretty complicated situation.  She has three kids from her first marriage, and they don’t acknowledge Halloween at all.  Her husband has three kids from his first marriage, and they do the works.  They have a baby together, and he has already told her that when the baby’s big enough, she’s going to do Halloween.  What would you do?  I think I would try to find some middle ground.  No trick-or-treating and maybe dressing up as things that are not ghosts and goblins, with music, popcorn, and movies.


I know I would dress Knitbaby up if he were old enough and take him trick-or-treating because I just don’t see a great deal of harm in it.  I don’t agree with dressing up like devils, angels, or Bible characters, though, because we are taught to have no graven images.  I think dressing up like a firefighter or superhero is pretty harmless.


My old church has a party on Halloween night with Christian rock music, food, and dressing up like Bible characters.  I don’t really know how I feel about that.  I mean, It doesn’t really explain to kids the reasoning that Halloween is bad, it just replaces one activity for another, and still celebrates the day.  Seems like it could be hypocritical, if one is not careful.


So, where do you stand?  Judgment free zone here, just asking because I’m curious.


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