How quickly we forget.

Did you know it’s less than 2 months till Christmas?  Did you know I’m a knitter, and subsequently feel this overwhelming need to knit everyone gifts?  Last weekend I put together a comprehensive list of everyone I’m knitting for, and this is my knitting list to date, without recipient’s names because some of them may be reading.

Monkey socks-done!

Monkey socks-one sock done!

Marigold socks-one sock done!


Juneau earflap hat

Man’s hat

Two boys’ hats


Girl’s hat and mitts

Baby sweater

February Lady Sweater downgraded to Friday scarf.  I may be ambitious, but I’m not nuts.

Sweater for knitbaby

Homespun scarf

So, not so bad!  Socks are very time consuming for me, and I only have two socks to knit!  Hopefully will have pictures as I progress.  Also, I did finish the baby sweater mentioned last week, but I still need to sew on the buttons and block it.  The baby arrived first, so it will be going in the mail Saturday to the happy Mom and Dad!


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