Quickly, quickly.

I should be packing up the truck now for my weekend away, but I wanted to drop a quick post before I go.

Some finished objects!

The first patch of my travelling scarf!  I cannot wait to get back the finished piece.  I am sending a small notebook with it so everyone can add a little note about themselves.  This is going to be a very cool project!

My part of the travelling shawl.  This is going to be knit by people from all 50 states and the completed shawl will be raffled off, with the earnings going towards breast cancer research.  I may have a button on my blog soon to allow you to buy tickets, but we’re not sure about that yet, so I’ll keep you informed.  I will tell you that this will be a beautiful piece of lace once it is done, and the fact that it is hand-knit from folks all over the country really does make it a priceless piece, so if you are able to buy a raffle ticket, please do.  It is a prize worth winning!

Well, I’m off!  Knitbaby and I will be going to the Fiberfest! in Snow Hill on Saturday, so I should have some pretty neat pics when I get back.  Now, all that remains is packing the truck, getting gas, going to the post office, and picking the baby up from my MIL’s.  I should be able to get that done in an hour, right?  Hope springs eternal!


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