WIP It Wednesday

Now, this is just sad.

1. Purple Monkey socks – No progress.

2. Marigold socks – No progress.

3. Super secret project – No progress.

4. Clapotis – So sad, it just sits.

5. Dollar and a Half Cardigan – Banished to the darkest corner of my knitting chest.

6. Tomten Jacket – Still in the rubbermaid that I moved with.

7. Mr. Greenjeans – Lots of progress, actually!  I am loving this pattern and cannot wait to wear this sweater.  I highly recommend it; easy to read, easy to knit!

8. Traveling Scarf – On Ravelry, the Bravo Whores group has decided to do a traveling scarf.  This means that every two weeks or so I will get someone else’s scarf and knit a square on it.  We will all have scarves at the end of the project.  Lots of fun!

9. Traveling Shawl – I signed up to represent Delaware in a traveling shawl project to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  I only have to knit 6 rows and then send it on, so this hardly counts as a WIP, but since I haven’t gotten the shawl yet, it also doesn’t count as a finished object, now, does it?

The list grows and grows.  Should I be embarrassed to admit that I bought the yarn for my mother’s February Lady sweater and I am planning a purchase with KnitPicks for my sister’s Christmas gift?  Well, as long as I don’t start them without finishing something on the list above, I guess I’m okay.

If you haven’t visited your local Wallyworld this week, you should.  They are getting rid of Caron Simply Soft and all different Bernat brands for $1.50 a skein.  I am by no means a yarn snob and personally I think Simply Soft works up very nice, so I scored 5 skeins of a pretty green for a sweater for me, 2 skeins of navy blue, and 2 skeins of brown Bernat Softee for sweaters for Knitbaby, so I made out like a fat rat.  It is going quick though, so if this is your kind of yarn shopping, get thee to a Wallyworld immediately!


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