Brand New Day

Since things have been a little gloomy lately, I’ve decided to start fresh…new blog, new theme, etc.

Knithubby got a new job!  He started last week and seems to like it so far.  He gets to work with one of his best friends since high school, so I know he enjoys that.  Also, his boss has no trouble letting guys work all the overtime they want, so hopefully that will really help us with our (very) past due bills.  Best of all he only has to drive across town-so no more enormous gas expenses!  I’m not sure if I told you before, but he was working night shift in South Philly and it was really hurting our funds and our marriage, but there was no other work, so we stuck it out.  It is great to have him home at night to help with the baby and other chores.  I can actually sit down before 9 pm now!

Knitbaby got his 1 year pictures last Saturday (a month late, but better late than never).  I can’t believe he is over a year old now!  It honestly seems like yesterday that K-hub and I were struggling to get pregnant-look at us now!  He went through a (thankfully) brief biting stage, but seems to have given that up for tantrums.  My mom thinks he is going through his terrible twos early.  Let’s hope so because I certainly don’t want him to get any worse.  The biggest problem is that he gets angry because I won’t let him do things like climb up on the table or eat an old cheerio he found on the floor!  Um, get as angry as you want, dude, you’re still not allowed to do that.  So, because there’s no resolution he just gets madder and madder, until finally he is prostrate on the floor, screaming and crying.  Blah.  Oh, and he said his first cuss.  K-hub and I were trying to decide on dinner, and I recommended a frozen pizza K-hub said, “I don’t want to eat that shit.”  And K-babe said, clear as a bell, “Shit!”  I guess we’re all on our best behavior from now on!


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