Some finished objects

Presto Chango

Made for co-worker’s baby due October 2nd.  Used NatureSpun worsted in Cranberry Fog.  This was SO EASY, it’s just not right that everyone not know about this pattern.  It took about 4 days, meaning about 6 hours in total knitting time.  Everyone just went wild over this at work, and the yarn shows the lace panel really well.  When I made Knitbaby a sweater out of this yarn in a blue color it shedded, pilled, and did all sorts of crazy things, but the cranberry didn’t.  Hmmm.  I thought I was so over this yarn because of Knitbaby’s sweater, but maybe I can have a little more faith in it now.  I hope so, because I still have about 12 skeins of it to work through that I bought on clearance.


Sorry for the bad photo…we haven’t had many sunny weekends!  I made these as part of a knit-a-long on Ravelry.  (Ever heard of it?  If not, go there now and sign up.  It’s worth it.)  I used leftovers from a pair of basic socks that I knit years ago and I just wasn’t willing to throw out the little bit of yarn left over.  I even got the stripes to line up, except I don’t have any really good photos of both the socks at once.  Just trust me.  Anyway, it’s a great pattern for using up leftovers, and the socks are really comfortable to boot.


On Getting Together with Friends.

I can’t really claim to be a person who has very many friendships, but I often want to be friends with people I meet.  Given my background I feel an almost obsessive need for people to like me.  My dad’s a minister for the Wesleyan church, and if there’s a church that needs a new minister the district will contact anyone that might be a good fit, then that person has to “make a bid” for the church.  They have to show up one Sunday, preach a sermon, and stay to meet the board members.  If the board likes you best, you get the job.  Well, let me tell you, it’s not just about being a good minister.  My parents were offered one church only on the condition that they wear no jewelry, including wedding rings.  My parents had three young children at the time, and needed the money, so off came the wedding rings.  They are still in my mom’s dresser, tied together on a white ribbon.  Another church told my dad they wouldn’t be hiring him because he wore a beard and a colored tie.  Oh, yeah.  You can’t make this stuff up.  So obviously, when it comes to meeting new people I don’t really know how to be myself.  Do I really laugh as loud as I want to?  Should I crack that joke?  Are my clothes modest enough?  Trendy enough?  Am I rich enough?  Poor enough? 

I have started hanging out with some people I met on Ravelry.  We meet on Mondays, get drinks and knit for awhile.  I decided this time around to just be myself.  If it works, that’s great.  I hope it does.  I really like these girls.

PCP (Pretty Cool Podcast) of the moment: Brown Eyed Mom.

She is totally down-to-earth, and we share a lot of similar values.  It’s also very interesting to hear from someone on the other side of the country!  I hope she keeps up this great podcast.

WIP It Wednesdays

I know a lot of knitters that do this on their blogs and I think it’s a great idea to be accountable for projects that are just floating around in the ether, waiting for their moment in finished glory.  I think I will make a list of things that I would like to complete, and copy the list over every Wednesday, drawing a line through what I’ve completed.  In the interest of journalistic integrity I will also be sure to add any that I feel possessed to start.

And so, to begin:

1. Purple Monkey socks

2. Marigold socks

3. Super secret project

4. Clapotis

5. Dollar and a Half Cardigan

6. Tomten Jacket

I think that’s it.  Not so bad, really.  Hopefully I can make some real progress by holding myself accountable.  We’ll see.

Brand New Day

Since things have been a little gloomy lately, I’ve decided to start fresh…new blog, new theme, etc.

Knithubby got a new job!  He started last week and seems to like it so far.  He gets to work with one of his best friends since high school, so I know he enjoys that.  Also, his boss has no trouble letting guys work all the overtime they want, so hopefully that will really help us with our (very) past due bills.  Best of all he only has to drive across town-so no more enormous gas expenses!  I’m not sure if I told you before, but he was working night shift in South Philly and it was really hurting our funds and our marriage, but there was no other work, so we stuck it out.  It is great to have him home at night to help with the baby and other chores.  I can actually sit down before 9 pm now!

Knitbaby got his 1 year pictures last Saturday (a month late, but better late than never).  I can’t believe he is over a year old now!  It honestly seems like yesterday that K-hub and I were struggling to get pregnant-look at us now!  He went through a (thankfully) brief biting stage, but seems to have given that up for tantrums.  My mom thinks he is going through his terrible twos early.  Let’s hope so because I certainly don’t want him to get any worse.  The biggest problem is that he gets angry because I won’t let him do things like climb up on the table or eat an old cheerio he found on the floor!  Um, get as angry as you want, dude, you’re still not allowed to do that.  So, because there’s no resolution he just gets madder and madder, until finally he is prostrate on the floor, screaming and crying.  Blah.  Oh, and he said his first cuss.  K-hub and I were trying to decide on dinner, and I recommended a frozen pizza K-hub said, “I don’t want to eat that shit.”  And K-babe said, clear as a bell, “Shit!”  I guess we’re all on our best behavior from now on!