I met with my thesis advisor tonight via phone conference, where we planned out the next three semesters of work.  Three semesters?  Yes, three.  We figure with the massive project of writing a novel ahead of me it would be better to spread it out so I don’t half-ass it to fit a crunched deadline.

He used the terms, “agent-ready,” and “career move.”

Holy shit.

You know that feeling when the roller coaster lurches forward and you can’t stop the machine and you can’t jump out and you’re grinning like an idiot because you know you’re just going to have to scream and laugh until it comes to a stop?

That’s where I am right about now.


Is 7pm too early to go to bed?

What happened this week?  It was such a blur.  I had a bunch of appointments that needed to be scheduled, I needed to correspond with my college advisor, I needed to go workout.  Suddenly, Friday night.  I’m happy to just have my hot tea, shout answers at Jeopardy, and wait until I can legitimately go to bed.

Captain’s Log –

The cold has invaded to the extent that the child now sleeps in extra fleece blankets as well as flannel sheets and an Angry Birds comforter.  The captain has opted for the down comforter, long removed, now brought out of retirement.  The heater runs constantly, though this evening it has been stopping at 10 minute intervals.  The captain’s hot tea turned cold too fast. 

First world problems – having to use all that awesome cold weather gear that we accumulate which is seldom appropriate for Delaware winters.


I’ve been trying to knit a pair of socks for almost a year now.  It has been well over a year since I finished a pair.  I really hate the yarn.  I bought a ton of this stuff when I had first learned how to knit, and I still have 3 colorways that I haven’t finished.  I wear the other ones, but the other night I realized my feet were still cold, and a little sweaty.  These socks kind of suck.  And I don’t like knitting with the yarn.  Why am I doing this”  I don’t know!  So I ripped out the sock, put the yarn back in the stash ( I cannot throw yarn away, it’ll be good for something), and got some pretty green sock yarn and the Monkeys pattern by Cookie A.  That’s what I’m talking about!  I feel rejuvenated.

I think I may have changed my mind for my thesis.  Do I write the novel, or do I write a chapbook of poems?  I thought the novel would be perfect, but I am having doubts.  Is that just a sign that I should push myself harder out of my comfort zone?


It’s freaking cold out there.  It’s freaking cold in here, too.

For background, I live in a basement apartment, the front half of my apartment is underground, and the back of my apartment sits flush, so I have a slider door and a patio.  It’s nice, and it keeps me sheltered from a lot of weather woes.  The only trouble I have is the occasional draft around my slider, not really anything I can even complain about, that’s how insignificant it is.  I don’t have to pay for heat or hot water, it’s included in my rent, and my stove is an old-fashioned gas stove, so if the power goes out I can still cook.  It’s a pretty sweet setup in the winter.

The polar vortex is so bad that my parents have called to make sure I am okay.

I am a knitter surrounded by wool, I have unlimited heat, hot water, and cooking gas, a fridge full of food, and the cable is on.

I’m fine.

Freezing, but fine.

I finished a turban and some makeshift mitts.  It’s too cold to wear them tomorrow – tomorrow I will need a full wool hat and mittens – but otherwise the set will be perfect for Delaware winters.  Rav Link.


Easy Mitts


How is it already Sunday night?  I do hope I can get myself back into a schedule with the holidays behind us.

When do you take down your tree?  I wait until Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas, which is tomorrow.  I also don’t put up my tree until about 2 weeks before Christmas.  I feel like Christmas is so rushed, put up the tree right after Thanksgiving dinner, strip down all the beautiful ornaments on the 26th.  Too soon, too soon.

I practiced piano last night.  I haven’t really tried to play since I was young, 13 or 14 years old maybe.  I found that I still can read music easily, but I was stunned at how good I am!  Not to brag, I’m still pretty terrible, but much better than I would expect after a 20 year hiatus.  I always thought I was a poor player, but now I wonder.  If I can do this now, with no practice, maybe I was just too far into my own head to know how much potential I may have had.  I’m going to keep practicing, now that my teenage insecurity is gone.

Spinning took place today, too, for the first time since July.  Interesting.  I think this is a year to wrap it up, organize it, resolve the unresolved.


Inkkas – my next tennis shoes.

I might be slightly swayed by the ethics behind this company and their goals to promote self-sufficiency in under-priviledged women, but really I just love that their site shows a lady spinning wool on her spindle.

Here’s a scarf I crocheted over 10 years ago and finally took a picture of today.  It has held up well, and is so huge and bulky that I am always very warm when I wear it.  The pattern and yarn are Lion Brand.  Rav link.

Striped Scarf